2018 – 2020 Officer Elections

Every two years GALA ND/SMC conducts elections for all officer positions.  In 2018, elections will be taking place during March and we are looking for individuals to fill these roles.  This is a great opportunity to take a leadership role in driving engagement for the Notre Dame and Saint Mary’s LGBT alumni & friends community.  In addition, you get to play a key role in helping to strengthen our relationships with many key partner organizations both on campus and around the country.

Election Timeframe (Tentative)

  • Call for Nominations – January 25th – February 20th – Closed
  • Ballot out for Voting – March 1st – March 15th – In Process
  • Elections Results Announced – March 31st

This is an exciting and challenging time for our group! 

  • We are now in year four of awarding scholarships to LGBT students at ND & SMC.
  • Through the generosity of our members, we have hit the $100,000 milestone of the five-year $250,000 scholarship fundraising campaign.  We need continued strong leadership to hit our goal!
  • There is a very active “regional” chapter in New York City lead by a great group of local alums.  We are looking to expand this network of regional GALA chapters to other cities.
  • In both New York City and Boston we have a strong partnership with the local ND Clubs, a presence on their website and cross-promote events.
  • We have excellent relationships with LGBT student and employee groups on campus, and need to strengthen our relationship with the administrations on campuses. 
  • Each year we host several events on campus including a panel during the annual Alumni Reunion weekend in the spring and a fun tailgater prior to a fall football game.

WE CAN USE YOUR HELP!!  The successfully elected individual is asked to make a two-year commitment, participate on monthly officer calls and attend major events for their position.  The positions available are as follows.  The formal position descriptions can be found at:  GALA ConstitutionRegardless of the specific roles, all officers are encouraged to get involved in whatever way they feel they can make a difference.

  • Chair
  • Vice-Chair Program
  • Vice-Chair Membership
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary

In addition to these elected positions, our group also has several other volunteer opportunities:

  • Fundraising Coordinator – Identify and execute on potential fundraising opportunities such as grants, corporate sponsorships and on-going donation activities.
  • Scholarship Fund Financial Investment Advisor – Now that the scholarship fund is over $100,000, the group is looking to create an “investment committee” to establish an investment strategy to ensure long-term viability.  We are looking for a volunteer certified investment advisor to lead this committee.  (Note- All funds will be held in Fidelity)
  • Regional Alumni Leaders – As we look to expand our regional chapters, we need alums “on the ground” who can put together a small group to start engaging local alums with social and other events.

If you are interested in nominating a fellow alum or to self-nominate, please submit an email by February 20th to Jack Bergen, Chair at jack.bergen@yahoo.com with the following: name and location, school affiliation (and graduation year), position desired, and a statement including any prior involvement in general LGBT activities, prior involvement in ND/SMC alumni activities (general or with GALA) and areas that you would be interested in getting involved in for our community.  For current officer profiles, go to: GALA Officers.

Taking a leadership role is not just about the “work”.  It is also about meeting and working with so many great people who share your love and enthusiasm for our schools and connection to fellow alums.  Please consider this opportunity to be a part of our fun and exciting journey.