2019 LGBTQ Leadership Award Weekend

GALA ND/SMC hosted the 2019 LGBTQ Leadership Award Weekend to recognize and honor LGBTQ leaders in the Notre Dame and Saint Mary’s community. The celebration took place Friday March 29th through Sunday March 31st.

Friday March 30th

Alumni/Student Networking Event – On Friday evening, an alumni/student event was held giving everyone coming in for the weekend the opportunity to network with those on campus. Over 40 alums, students and friends joined together at Legends for a few drinks and to get acquainted.


Saturday March 31st

Academic Panel – In conjunction with the ND Department of American Studies, GALA hosted a panel discussion called Solidarity & Identity.  Solidarity speaks to our ideas of dignity, faith, and the common good. The panel explored different examples of movements reaching toward an understanding of their goals, results, and philosophies.  Speakers included Fr. James Martin, ND Professor Michael Hebbeler and Shelly Fitzgerald.

Facebook Live Videos Video # 1 and Video # 2

Thomas Dooley & LGBTQ Leadership Award Ceremony – The main event for the weekend was the Thomas A. Dooley and LGBTQ Leadership Award ceremony.  The ceremony and dinner took place in the Eck Center on Notre Dame’s campus. Honored at the event were:

  • Thomas Dooley Award – Father James Martin S.J.
  • Distinguished Service Award – Pete Buttigieg, Mayor of South Bend
  • Distinguished Alumni Award – John Sullivan ND Law ’83

Thomas Dooley Award – Fr. James Martin

Father Martin was selected from a wide group of candidates for his life-long dedication of helping others and through his impassioned work in creating visibility and a platform for greater acceptance of LGBTQ Catholics by the Catholic Church.  Father Martin has called for a greater dialogue and understanding between the LGBTQ community and the institutional church.  His tireless work over the past 40 years has elevated the importance of this issue to a level previously unseen.  

Fr. Martin’s acceptance speech can be found at:  2019 Fr. James Martin Tom Dooley Award Acceptance Speech.

In recognition of his achievement, GALA bestowed a $1,000 donation in Father Martin’s name to Eastern Point Retreat House, a Jesuit-based facility in Gloucester MA devoted to practicing the Spiritual Exercises as St. Ignatius designed them.

Distinguished Alumni Award – John Sullivan, ND Law ’83

The distinguished alumni award is given to graduates of either Notre Dame or Saint Mary’s who have made significant contributions to the LGBTQ community through their professional or community service activities.  Through his life-long work across many different fields and multiple decades, John has shown his commitment toward helping others and giving back to those around him. 


Larry Condren Distinguished Service Award – Pete Buttigieg, Mayor of South Bend

This award is given to individuals who have demonstrated service to others consistent with the mission and spirit of our organization.  Mayor Pete has a long record of service in both the military and public sectors.  He has made revitalization of South Bend his priority and has accomplished this through partnering with the university to improve lives of South Bend residents and ND/SMC students alike.  He has lived his life authentically as a gay man and the “out” mayor of the state’s fourth largest city.  His very success is helping break down barriers for the LGBTQ community.

Award Dinner Media Coverage

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Facebook Live Videos

Video # 1 (Welcome Remarks & Distinguished Alumni Award)

Video # 2 (Tom Dooley Award & Lawrence Condren Service Award)