Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees guides the strategic vision of GALA-ND/SMC, stewards the organization’s financial well-being and leads fundraising and grant solicitation efforts, and determines the recipients of the Tom Dooley Award, GALA scholarships and a number of other honors.

Trustees generally serve for three years and are nominated by the Officers with the input and advice of the regular, dues-paying members.

The current Board of Trustees:

Liam Dacey (ND ’04)

Phil Donahue (ND ’57)

Gus Hinojosa (ND ’82)

Tom Hubbard (ND ’72)

Tom O’Brien (ND ’86)

Adrienne Whisman (SMC ’17)

ND Alumni Rep – Open (2)

SMC Alumni Rep – Open (1)

Faculty Representative for Saint Mary’s College – Open

Chris Becker, Faculty Representative for Notre Dame

Kendrick Peterson (ND ’20) Student Representative

Abigail Lynn (SMC ’18) Student Representative