Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees guides the strategic vision of GALA-ND/SMC, stewards the organization’s financial well-being and leads fundraising and grant solicitation efforts, and determines the recipients of the Tom Dooley Award, GALA scholarships and a number of other honors.

Trustees generally serve for three years and are nominated by the Officers with the input and advice of the regular, dues-paying members.

The current Board of Trustees:

Jack Bergen (ND ’77)

Liam Dacey (ND ’04)

Phil Donahue (ND ’57)

Gus Hinojosa (ND ’82)

Tom Hubbard (ND ’72)

Tom O’Brien (ND ’86)

Adrienne Whisman (SMC ’17)

ND Alumni Rep – Open (2)

SMC Alumni Rep – Open (1)

Faculty Representative for Saint Mary’s College – Open

Chris Becker, Faculty Representative for Notre Dame

Kendrick Peterson (ND ’20) Student Representative

Abigail Lynn (SMC ’18) Student Representative