Fourth Annual NYC LGBT Student Scholarship Benefit – November 18, 2018

GALA ND/SMC, the LGBT alumni group for the University of Notre Dame and Saint Mary’s College, held the Fourth Annual NYC LGBT Student Scholarship Benefit on Sunday November 18, 2018.  The benefit took place once again at Phil Donahue ’57 and his wife Marlo Thomas’ beautiful apartment overlooking Central Park.

The money raised at the event went directly to the LGBT Student Scholarship Fund which was created in the spring of 2015 to assist qualified LGBT undergraduate students of Saint Mary’s and Notre Dame.  The ultimate goal is to create an endowment of $250,000 ensuring the continuity of the scholarships for years to come. 

The guest speaker at the benefit was 2018/2019 Scholarship Recipient Tim Jacklich ’20.  Tim talked about his experience at Notre Dame as a gay student, and the support he’s received from his dormmates, fellow glee club members and the campus ministry staff.  He also talked about the importance of the continued help from our LGBT alumni members both as role models as well as our on-going financial assistance.  For his full remarks, go to:  GALA Remarks – Tim Jacklich.  Tim remains firm in his catholic faith, and believes that he can be both gay and catholic at the same time.  (Tim’s November 13, 2018 Observer letter to the editorGay and Catholic)


Through the generosity of the alums and friends who attended we have now gone over the $150,000 Milestone!!

Shown here are some pictures of the event.  More can be found on GALA’s Facebook Page.

VIP Reception



Main Event