GALA Volunteer Roles

Given the recent emphasis on expanded fundraising and improving our web presence, both of these roles are critical to helping the group achieve our goals.

Fundraising Committee Chair – The Fundraising Committee Chair would be responsible for helping to drive overall fundraising activities across the membership base. This could include participating in the development and maintenance of the organizations strategic fundraising plan/roadmap; drive the tactical execution of the fundraising roadmap; be the subject matter expert on fundraising (either coming in with the knowledge or by gaining it through hands-on experience) and coordinate with various regional subcommittees and/or lead regional fundraising events.  This position works with the officers, board and members and is appointed by the Chair.  This position has no defined term limits.

Web Support Guru – The Web Support Guru would be responsible for maintaining the group’s website and member database to ensure currency and usability and by supporting the officers in their on-going use of the online systems. Working knowledge of webpage maintenance is preferred.  This position is appointed by the Chair and has no defined term limits.

If interested, send an email to with a brief background.