FAQs about GALA and ARC ND

When does the new group start?

This fall, there will be a membership drive with an official launch in January 2022.  Until then, GALA and ARC ND will co-sponsor events together.   To join ARC ND, sign up at arc.undgroup.org

Does this mean that GALA no longer exists?

GALA was started in the early 90’s with a mission of engaging LGBTQ alums and to support the LGBTQ campus community.  Now, a university sponsored LGBTQ+ affinity group has been announced.  Its stated mission is to actively engage the LGBTQ+ alumni community, so GALA will be winding down our organization during the transition period and encourage all our members to join the newly formed university sponsored group. For legal & financial/tax purposes, the winddown will most likely continue into 2022.

What will the transition look like?

All upcoming events will be co-sponsored between the two groups.   ARC ND is focused on member recruitment and establishing a leadership team.   Because GALA is not providing your contact information, there will not be automatic member registration.   If you are interested in joining ARC ND, you will need to manually sign up. While ARC ND is recruiting members, GALA will be determining steps to take to wind down.   When the leadership team has a plan, it will be discussed with the members.

GALA has been around for almost 30 years.  How do we not lose this important history for both us as individuals and as a community?

To tell your personal story, student volunteers are documenting LGBTQ+ experiences at Notre Dame.  To participate, submit your story here: lgbtqdomers.com/

To have your GALA photos/memorabilia/documents stored, the Hesburgh Library will be archiving GALA’s history.   Pack them carefully, because you will be shipping your items to South Bend.    Board member, Chris Becker is leading this initiative.   We will have more information in the coming months.

How will the new affinity group be structured?

ARC ND will have a six person alumni board.  If you are interested in serving on this board, more information will be available in late summer.

How will the leadership positions be filled?  Can I apply?

For continuity, some of the positions are filled with members of the LGBTQ task force.  Paul Burke, Grant Van Eaton, and Jen Oberhausen will be a part of the initial leadership team.  To volunteer to be a part of the ARC ND leadership team, there is an opportunity to express your interest on the ARC ND registration page.   We would like the leadership team to be as diverse as the LGBTQ Alumni Community.  Applicants must be ND grads (undergrad or graduate).  Questions can be directed to Angeline Johnson at angeline.johnson.661@nd.edu.

How will ARC ND benefit the LGBTQ alumni community?

As a university sponsored group, more opportunities will exist to partner with on-campus groups/resources (including PrismND & Spectrum).   There will be significantly more visibility to find and engage LGBTQ alums across the US, local alumni clubs will be encouraged to provide programming for LGBTQ alums in their area, and NDAA resources will now be available to support our alumni community.

Where does Saint Mary’s fit into this change?

ARC ND is a Notre Dame Alumni affinity group with a focus on “ND Alumni & Friends”.  Saint Mary’s grads will be welcome to join the new group just as other non-ND alums are (allies, family, friends, subway alums, etc.).

Will ARC ND continue GALA’s tradition of awarding and honoring community members?

Absolutely.  An important part of or community is recognizing individuals who help to breakdown barriers and support the group’s mission.

Under the new alumni group, who will run events for LGBTQ alumni and how often will then occur?

On-campus events (award ceremonies, tailgaters, reunion events) will be planned by the ARC ND leadership team.  Off-campus events will be planned by ARC ND as well as your local club.   One of the first events will be the annual tailgater in the fall of ’21 on Saturday, September 11th.  Most events will be planned and run by your local club.  If you don’t see anyone running these at your club, volunteer to lead one!

Will I automatically be a part of the NDAA affinity group?  Can I opt out?

For privacy purposes, your name, personal information, donation history, etc. will not be shared with the university.  It will be up to each GALA member to individually opt in by joining the ARCND alumni community.  GALA will be sending out multiple communications to remind & encourage all members to join the new group.

Will allies who are members of GALA be able to join the affinity group if they are not alums?

Absolutely.  As with all ND Alumni groups, they are open to “Alumni & Friends”.

Will I still pay membership dues? What happens to my existing dues?

ND Alumni Affinity group members do not pay dues.  We encourage all members to pay dues to their local clubs who will be sponsoring activities for LGBTQ alums.  GALA membership dues will be stopped after the final vote to update the constitution takes place. Timing TBD.

What will happen to the existing non-scholarship money GALA has?

Currently, upon discontinuance of the group, the GALA constitution requires “remaining funds in the treasury are to be reallocated upon dissolution to OUTreach ND and the Saint Mary’s Straight and Gay Alliance (SAGA)”.  Given that this information is  outdated, GALA leadership will be requesting a change to the constitution by a dues-paying membership vote to have these funds directed to the new LGBTQ alumni group to be used for LGBTQ alumni programming.  Timing of this vote TBD.

What will happen with the scholarship fund?

The goal is to have it transferred under the university’s investment umbrella where it can be professionally managed by the University Investment Office where hundreds of other scholarship funds are managed. Many details of this arrangement are still being worked out.  The timing is TBD.

How will I be able to make a donation once the scholarship has been moved to the University?

Once the scholarship has been set up by the University, a unique link on the ND development website will be available for direct donations and will be published on the new ARCND website.  Of course, donations made through retirement funds and legacy giving through wills and estates are encouraged as well.  Contact the ND development office if interested.

Will future contributions count toward football lottery eligibility?

Once the fund has been officially transferred over to the university, contributions will be eligible to count towards the football ticket lottery.  Timing of this is TBD.

How will the new group communicate with members?

ARC ND will have its own website where general information can be found and events will be posted.  The website is scheduled to be launched in June ’21.  In addition, ARC ND will have its own social media presence on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.  Timing TBD.

Additionally, the ARC ND board will be developing a newsletter to be distributed to members.  Timing & frequency TBD.

Will the existing communication channels GALA used remain or go away?

Once the transition to the new group has been completed by 1/1/22, it is expected that the existing GALA communication channels will be sunset.  Timing TBD.

As a member, how will I know what progress is being made with the transition and progress toward the January 2022 target date?

GALA will be sending out updates periodically to update you on information that pertains to your GALA membership and wind-down information.  ARC ND will be providing communications to new members as well.  Make sure to join the ARC ND alumni community to receive those updates.

How do I join if I did not graduate from ND?

Visit arc.undgroup.org/

Click REGISTER and complete the form

for Affiliation type “FRIEND”

an account will be created for you and allow you to join ARC ND.   It may take up to 48 hours for account creation.