NYC Scholarship Benefit Silent Auction November 17, 2019


On November 17th, GALA ND/SMC will be holding our Fifth Annual LGBT Student Scholarship Benefit.  During the event, a silent auction will be held to raise money for the scholarship fund.  See below for a preview of the items that will be available.  All items may be acquired outright at any time during the event by making the “Buy Now” bid.  Items must be paid for by the end of the event and taken that day – cash, credit cards & checks accepted.

Special thanks to all the donors for their generosity in making these items available.

Note:  Items and Bids Subsequent To Change

Limited Edition Prints From Artist Jon Pannier


“Comedy, 2018”                         “Tragedy, 2018”

In celebration of Ms. Marlo Thomas’ considerable talents in the performing arts, New York artist Jon Pannier reimagines the classic masks of comedy and tragedy through 2 charming portraits of Ms. Thomas as her groundbreaking That Girl character, Ann Marie.

Each Print:       Value: $1,850,   Opening Bid: $150,     Buy Now: $2,500

Limited Edition Prints From Artist Jon Pannier  Entitled:  “The Fighting Irish, 2019″ (6 Available)

A portrait of Mr. Phil Donahue (‘57), legendary innovator in the world of television. His talk show format famously covered issues that others in his genre would dare touch. A champion of the LGBTQ community and ardent supporter of GALA-ND/SMC, we honor Mr. Donahue with this portrait by artist Jon Pannier.

“Fiercely masculine, yet sensitive and approachable,” is how Pannier describes the portrait. A nod to the daisy pattern used in past GALA-ND/SMC portraits of his wife, Marlo, creates connective tissue to the Marlo pieces for those interested in creating a Donahue/ Thomas story on their walls. It also creates a visual vocabulary that grounds the subject in the free-thinking spirit of the progressive 1960’s. “Most importantly, I wanted Phil’s strong, handsome features to be the star, heroic in expression, to echo his bravery in celebrating our community during times when we were barely acknowledged by mainstream media.” Pannier’s use of the Notre Dame blue and gold, along with an aggressive slash of the ND green—“I think of it almost as war-paint,” muses Pannier—paints a picture of a true member of the Fighting Irish. One who has fought and continues to fight on behalf of the LGBTQ population and others.

Each Print:      Value: $1,850,   Opening Bid: $150     Buy Now: $2,500

Limited Edition Prints From Artist Jon Pannier  – From “The Squad” Series


“American Woman, 2017”                      “The Idealist, 2017”   

Each Print:      Value: $1,750,   Opening Bid: $150     Buy Now: $2,500

Limited Edition Prints From Artist Jon Pannier  From Jon’s “Valley Girl” Series


“25 O’Clock, 2017”             “Boing!, 2017”                 “Cardin Hat, 2017”


“Extraperception, 2017”              “Kathi!, 2017”          “Roxy Wore a Tall Hat, 2017”

Each Print:       Value: $300,   Opening Bid: $100,     Buy Now: $450

12”x12” Hand Painted Silkscreen Acrylic on Canvas From Artist Mark DeMaio

Dorothy From Kansas”  6 Available in Different Colors

Value: $150,   Opening Bid: $50,   Buy Now: $150


$200 Of New York State Lottery Tickets

Do you have the “Luck of The Irish?”  Here is a perfect opportunity to hit it big!!

Value: $200,     Opening Bid: $100,   Buy Now: $350


$100 Gift Card To French Roast

This NYC Landmark brings a touch of Paris to the Upper West Side of Manhattan.  With the lively atmosphere of a Parisian bistro French Roast Uptown pays homage to The City of Light.  Featuring such delights as essential French Onion Soup and traditional Croque Monsieur and Madame.

Value: $100,      Opening Bid: $50,   Buy Now: $150


1 Pair of General Admission Tickets to Holidelic

Holidelic will shake you free of the Andy Williams and Nutcracker rut.  Now entering its 11th season, this holiday funk-tacular blends the influences of P-Funk, Sly Stone and other 1970s and 80s funk and soul bands into original songs that celebrate diversity, mild familial seasonal

Written, produced and directed by Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter, producer, actor & dancer Everett Bradley

Value: $70,      Opening Bid: $25,   Buy Now: $120

Set of 3 Hand-Made Celtic/Irish Themed Crosses – Designed & Made by Michael Deleon

The Irish Celtic cross is a major symbol of Christianity, originating in pagan times that combines a cross with a circular ring surrounding the intersection of the cross.  Such crosses formed a major part of Celtic art.

Value: $86,      Opening Bid: $50,   Buy Now: $150


Signed First Edition 30” x 20” Aluminum Metal Print Entitled “Pavlova

Original Art Work By Artist Mikiodo

Value: $900,      Opening Bid: $150,   Buy Now: $1,000


3D Photography Entitled “Pink Dahlia – Ogunquit

This picture was originally taken in Ogunquit ME by photographer David Fontaine.  To obtain the 3D image, he layered copies of the image on top of each other creating a “real-life” view you can almost reach out and touch. 

Value: $100,      Opening Bid: $75,   Buy Now: $150

GALA ND/SMC has partnered with Zindler Sports Collectables which offers items to non-profits for silent auctions.  A portion of the minimum bid goes to our scholarship fund.  In addition, 100% above the minimum bid is applied to the scholarship fund as well.  All autographed items are certified by Zindler Sport Collectables.

The following items are provided by Zindler Sports Collectables and will be on-site for your review and to take away once the auction is completed.

                                    Item Minimum Bid

New York Yankees Don Mattingly Autographed Photo


Aaron Judge New York Yankees Autographed Baseball


Joe Montana/Roger Craig San Francisco 49ers Autographed Photo


Actress Faye Dunaway Autographed Photo


Betty White Autographed Photo


Madonna Autographed Photo


Jodi Foster Autographed Photo


Actress Rue McClanahan Autographed Photo


Liza Minelli Autographed Photo


Ellen DeGeneres Autographed Dory Photo


Joe Theismann Washington Redskins Autographed Football Piece


Paul Hornung Green Bay Packers Autographed Football Display


Rocky Bleier Pittsburgh Steelers Autographed Football Jersey


Tim Brown Oakland Raiders Large Autographed Photo


Tyler Eifert Cincinnati Bengals Large Autographed Photo


Billy Casper Autographed Golf Ball


Greg Louganis Summer Olympic Gold Medalist Diving Autographed Photo


Tara Lipinski Olympic Figure Skating Autographed Photo