Officers: 2016-2018

Two officer positions are currently open, Vice-Chair for Membership and Treasurer.  The term for both run through spring ’18.  See below for summary of duties.  Volunteer Today!!  Contact Jack Bergen if interested.

GALA-ND/SMC officers serve for two-year terms. Any current member in good standing is eligible to run for office. More information about the purpose and duties of each office can be found in the GALA-ND/SMC Constitution.

Chair: Jack Bergen, ND ’77

Jack graduated from Notre Dame in 1977 and has been a member of GALA ND/SMC for a number of years. He held the position of GALA- Vice Chair for Programs during 2012 and 2013 prior to becoming Chair in Spring 2014. He most recently worked as a Senior IT Manager at one of the most recognized and liked coffee brands in the world Dunkin’ Donuts until he retired in early 2015. Jack and his husband David live in the suburbs of Boston. He has one daughter, Kerri Bergen Byrne, who graduated from ND ’07 as an Arkie major and a daughter-in-law Rachel Byrne, ND ’06, ’08.  Kerri and Rachel have a “Little Domer” who Jack loves to spoil.

Jack started giving back to the LGBT community years ago as a volunteer at various community organizations in Boston. He was instrumental in getting his prior employer to offer domestic partner benefits to Gay and Lesbian employee’s years before gay marriage was allowed in Massachusetts. He also organized the company’s first participation in the annual Aids Action fund raising walk in Boston. Jack is also on the board of the ND Club of Boston where he is partnering with the local alumni club to sponsor events and raise awareness of LGBT issues.

During Jack’ first term, GALA started the LGBT student scholarship and kicked off the associated fundraising capital campaign to ensure continued funding.  In his second term as chair, his focus will be on strengthening relations with the ND Alumni Association and on building out a strong member base as GALA embarks on the student scholarship capital campaign.

Vice Chair for Programs: Holly James SMC ’02

Holly pic_1

As a bisexual alumnae of Saint Mary’s, Holly hopes to foster an inviting atmosphere in the ND/SMC LGBTQ community. As a Southern woman, as a Native woman, and as someone who is married to an incredibly supportive, intelligent and beautiful wife, she hopes to cast a wide net of inclusion and foster a fun and inspiring space for our longtime members and our newcomers alike. While GALA ND/SMC hosts wonderful events in Los Angeles, New York and Boston, Holly looks to explore events in Atlanta, Seattle, Chicago- other metropolitan areas that may not warrant events hosted solely by GALA ND/SMC, but could be co-hosted with local LGBT groups.


About Holly: SMC c/o 2002. She was a Student Manager, and loved the COUNTLESS hours working making Notre Dame athletics the best of the best. Unfortunately, her sexual orientation came into play over time, and she was unable to continue into her senior year with the SMO. Still, you will not meet a bigger fan of Notre Dame- and of college sports in general- than Holly!

Currently she is finishing her Masters of American Indian Law, and hopes to provide a much needed resource in our tribal courts. Previously, Holly worked 14 years in medical malpractice, construction defect litigation, and sports liability. In her spare time, she coaches football and golf, and also performs house and construction inspections to fund her school habit. She is now serving on the Board for an Indigenous Languages and Community Advocacy program in Seattle. Holly is looking forward to the opportunity with great relish to serve the ND/SMC LGBTQ community with the same vigor and enthusiasm.

Vice Chair for Membership: Currently Vacant (Term Through Spring ’18)

The Vice Chair for Membership is responsible for managing the processes to maintain current members and obtain new ones.  This could include communication to encourage people to pay their annual dues and/or to move to an “enhanced level”.  Also includes reaching out to potential members (seniors) at both schools and elsewhere and working with the other officers in creating ways to optimize member engagement.

Secretary: Michael McCabe ND ’72

Michael McCabe picMichael graduated from ND in 1972 after 3 years in South Bend and one in Innsbruck Austria as part of ND’s Sophomore Year Abroad program. After a year as a Fulbright Fellow at the University of Bonn, Germany, Michael studied German Literature at Cornell where he also taught language and literature courses. Following graduate school, he worked first for a German publishing company, eventually moving into technology at Lotus, IBM and then Microsoft.

During the 1980’s and 90’s Michael worked as a volunteer in the IT department at God’s Love We Deliver, and later as a Buddy Team Leader at the Gay Men’s Health Crisis.

Michael met his husband through a mutual friend when he moved to New York City after graduate school. They have been together 38 years so far and were married six years ago in New Canaan, CT (NY state would approve marriage equality exactly one year later on their anniversary).

Michael would like to offer more of his time and effort to GALA to support the contributions of those who have already been working to increase our visibility to the entire Notre Dame community. He has been shocked by the slow response of the University administration to the needs of current LGBT students. Michael believes there is strong support at ND from straight student, faculty, and even some alumni, allies. He would especially like to work to grow the connections between GALA and those allies in support of current LGBT students, faculty and staff.

Treasurer: Currently Vacant (Term Through Spring ’18)

The treasurer is responsible for maintaining the financial records of the club such as dues, donations and expenses.  Also responsible developing an annual budget and managing actual expenses to ensure compliance of spending guidelines and against the budget.  Maintains the bank accounts and files the annual tax returns.