Official Recognition Of GALA-ND/SMC

The officers and board of GALA-ND/SMC believe it is time to evaluate the group’s relationship with Notre Dame and the NDAA (ND Alumni Association).

Rationale For Seeking Official Recognition

The GALA ND/SMC Official Recognition document contains the background and rationale for pursuing official recognition including a Q & A section. All members are encouraged to be make themselves fully informed on this topic.

Membership Feedback Session

On November 17, 2013 a virtual meeting was conducted via WebEx to communicate GALA’s evaluation of official recognition with the Notre Dame Alumni Association (NDAA).  During this session the proposal was discussed and members provided their input.  Based upon member feedback there was overwhelming support in favor of pursuing this action.  The officers and board met in early December to determine next steps. Given the input from members, approval was given to move forward with the application. The target to draft the application and submit to the Alumni Association is the end of March, 2014. Once submitted, the timeframe is unknown for review and feedback. Prior to any final action on this matter a vote by the members will take place.

Membership Feedback Session Notes

If you were unable to participate in the webinar or have questions send your comments to: jack.bergen(at)

Jack (Vice-Chair for Programs)

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