PRIDE like a Champion

Even though COVID-19 rained on your parade, your PRIDE calendar is packed, so CELEBRATE all month 


 June 11th  New Mentorship program launches

ND alum will receive an email from GALA-ND/SMC to register with Irish Compass.   Matching occurs June 22nd.   Tools and aids will be shared at the end of the month.


June 12th  BLM fundraising on Facebook

Submit your charities of choice

Vote for your favorite

Donate all month long to Black Lives Matter South Bend


June 19th Scholarship Recipients Announced 

This year, we had a record number of applicants…but the selection committee could only choose two.  Meet the 2020/21 recipients and celebrate their success!



June 24th 8pm EST

Webinar: LGBTQ Student Life on Campus

Wonder how LGBTQ student life has changed since your graduation?   Catch up on today’s tea with a very special speaker for this extravaganza.  Zoom invite and details are on the Facebook GALA-ND/SMC page.

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