Remembering the Orlando Victims

Fellow LGBT Alums and Friends,

pulse picWhere do I start? Over the past several days we have all heard so much about the horrible and unnecessary killings targeting members of our LGBT community. As I write this, I am watching a replay of Anderson Copper’s heartwarming and emotional remembrance of the victims. 

First off, I know I speak for all of us when I say how sorry we are to the families of those killed and wounded. This was a terrible and tragic event that no parent, sibling, husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend should ever go through.

As I am sure each of you has felt, I have been in a daze since the shooting trying to make sense or reason of it all. I haven’t found any.  What I have found is our community, and many others who have compassion, coming together to share our grief and console each other.  So many of you have reached out via social media to be part of the healing process.  This will take time, much time to get over.

Being from Boston, this has brought back memories of the horrendous attack at the Boston Marathon three years ago. Just as with that, everyone from around the country rallied together to consul each other.

Like many of you, part of my healing process was to participate in a vigil in memory of the victims. The one I attended was at Boston City Hall on Monday evening, bringing together several thousand people allowing everyone to be in each other’s presence feeling the sadness, anger and grief.  It helped.

Where do we go from here? Let’s continue to lean on each other for support, say a prayer, light a candle and most important stay safe.  We will not hide, we will not go back in the closet.  Continue to celebrate our unique gifts that make us who we are and remember those who are no longer with us.

I hope and encourage that the University will also recognize the directed attack against the LGBT community and reach out with a message of compassion.

Jack Bergen ND ‘77


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