Transgender Alumni Community

GALA ND/SMC is for all members of the LGBTQ alumni family for Notre Dame and Saint Mary’s.  We encourage everyone to participate in our events and welcome suggestion on how to engage all members.


Transgender Alumni Facebook Group – For transgender members, a private Facebook group (separate from the main GALA Facebook group) has been established for members who would like to connect with others identifying as transgender and to allow for confidential sharing of experiences and support.  For more information and to be added to this private group, please contact Morgan Benson at

Trees (Transgender Resource, Education and Enrichment Services)

Trees was started in January 2015 and driven by the need to stem the rash of transgender suicides and murders.  By improving transgender educational resources in under served communities, they strive to enrich the lives within each community and reduce the risks inherent with identifying as transgender and, as a result, save lives.  Trees by founded by Meghan Buell, a life-long resident of Indiana and a good friend of GALA ND/SMC.  She has been a leader in the transgender community locally, regionally and nationally.  Trees Facebook Page